Michaelmas 2013

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Michaelmas 2014

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Lord Jost, Sargent of the Order of the Knights of St. Michael knighted.

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At last week end’s Coronation, Lord Jost became Sir Jost.  He has also petitioned to be a member of the order as a knight.

Estrella War After Action Report

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Estrella War XXV was exciting for the order which fielded as an independent unit for the first time in several years.

On Wednesday, the order hosted its annual Knights of St Michael Challenge. Duke Maelgwyn, Duke Jonathon, Viscount Dmitri, Sir Donngal and Lord Jost were joined by Sir Johannes, Sir Timothy, Sir Arland, Viscount Eldred, Sir Tristan and Sir Slyvester as they acted as the Tenans. The Venans consited of what seemed like a horde of other warriors (exact numbers to be reported later). In the end Duke Rheinmar of Artemisia was victorious by defeating 10 of the 11 Tenans (only Duke Maelgwyn defeated him).

On the battlefield, the unit was led by the Vicar General, Sir Donngal, and at its peak on Saturday contained approximately 30 Knights, Sergeants and Turcopole auxiliares (other associated fighters and friends). Our field presence was noted by many and made more obvious by the large numbers of black tabards with white crosses. In addition to the main unit, Sir Tighearnain was present with the Tir Ysgithr unit and Duke Maelgwyn was leading the host from the Outlands.

A number of new memberships and changes occurred at the war. Sir Brian the Pious, Sir Johannes von Bruckenheim and Viscount Arik Altun joined the order as Knights, Master Godfrey von Rheinfels was given the new rank of Castellan and Duke Maelgwyn was named as the new Vicar General with Sir Donngal acting as Kingdom liaison for the order in Atenveldt. Sir TimothyBlackwell and Sir Arland the Bastard also petitioned the order for membership, which will be reviewed next Estrella.

St. Michael’s Tournament Flyer

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I have made the St. Michael’s Estrella War Tournament Flyer.  Check it out.

Tournament at Estrella

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Now that Michealmas is over, its time to start thinking of our tournament at the Estrella War.   The tournament is now on the schedule page on the Estrella Site.  http://www.estrellawar.org/Activities/Schedules.aspx.

At some point I may have the time to post some more info on the tournaments that were at Michealmas.  For now, I will repost Duke Jonathon’s email to the group.

I had a blast at Michaelmas yesterday! For those of you who could not attend, here is a recap and also my thoughts on the event. I believe numbers were down slightly from last year but the turnout was still very good. Perhaps Master Godfrey can post the actual numbers for the unbelted tournament here.
Speaking of Master Godfrey, he and Nicholas really knocked themselves out running things yesterday. Thanks for all of the hard work guys!
I thought it was cool that three of the six landed Barons in Atenveldt were at the event.
The winner of the unbelted tournament was Jost, who also became one of the newest Sergeants yesterday. The winner of the knight challenge tournament was Khazamier (not sure of the spelling) who also became a sergeant. Keegan’s squire Valora is the defender and Jost will also be responsible for the banner at war.
Our  new fire pit was delivered yesterday. It was made by Seelos of Staghold out of Godfrey’s old water heater. It is incredibly cool.
Donngal has this in his possession. Hopefully, we can get him to post pictures of this as well as the new banners.

Michaelmas 2008

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Come and join the Knights of St. Michael as they celebrate the feast of St. Michael with their annual Michaelmas Feast and Tourney Saturday, November 29th.  Site will open approximately at 10AM and the first tournament will start at Noon.

Location: Mark Newman’s Home
–  Take your best route to I-10 and Cotton Lane (Cotton Lane is west of Estrella Mountain Parkway)
–  Head south on Cotton Lane to Van Buren
–  Turn right (west) on Van Buren and go to Perryville Road.
–  Turn left (south) on Perryville Road and continue for several miles past Broadway and over railroad tracks.
–  Just after the railroad tracks make a left onto Roeser Rd. This is a small road that can be easy to miss.
–  The Newman home/farm is at the end of this road.

Defender of Michaelmas Tourney: Non-belted, weapon of choice. Prize for tourney winner and title of defender decided by knights in attendance.

Challenge-the-Knights-Tournament: Open to all hard suit fighters. Fight the knights in attendance with a variety of weapons choices.

Feast: Pot-luck feast. Bring a dish to share. Limited kitchen facilities will be available for preparation.

Contact Info:
Master Godfrey von Rheinfels (623) 388-3480 jeff@jeffmartin.com